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It’s a popular choice for a business to put their logo on staff uniforms. Most commonly you will find the logo embordered or printed on the left chest. Company branding on a polo or long sleeve shirt is cool for staff and business owners but no one is going out of their way to show off their Jimmy’s Crab Shack shirt.

Lucky for you our parent company, Fusion Marketing wants to help build up our local economy by designing awesome and fun shirts promoting your local business. Use the form below to submit a concept for your shirt design or tell us a little bit about your company and let our designers work their magic. Best of all, it’s free!

Request a design

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.


  • Tell us about your idea
  • Funny and trendy ideas are best
  • We can help with ideas if you are not sure. Just well us about your business and customers. We will help you come up with a home run that everyone is sure to love.

Design Process

After your design is picked, our talented design team will start working on your art. We will email you with a picture of the design to see if you have any changes.


  • We choose your design idea
  • We design it, making any needed changes
  • Approval

Let’s go live!

After approval, we will add the new t-shirt design to your store page as well as the publicly accessible area. We will email you after it’s live so you can start promoting your new design to all of your customers, friends, and family.


  • Add new design to your store
  • You promote it
  • We promote it
  • You get free advertising and word-of-mouth
Are you really going to design my shirt for free?

We sure are. We designed all of the shirts on the website for businesses juts like you. I guess, the catch would be that the free designs we create can only be printed by In other words, were not going to design a free shirt for you so you can take it and print it elsewhere. I’m sure you can understand the logic behind that.

What kind of designs can I request?

You can request anything you like. The designs we move forward with are fun and creative. Again, our purpose is to get people in a cool t-shirt that they want to show off. As far as they’re concerned you’re just coming along for the ride. 

What makes a t-shirt design good?

In short, a good design is something that someone wants to keep—something they want to put on when they go out in public. The best shirts ‘speak’ to an audience.

A great design idea we did was for a personal trainer. The design featured a T-rex who’s little arms couldn’t quite reach a barbell on the floor. It featured the caption ‘the struggle is real’. It also included their company name as a secondary element.

Can I sell the shirts?

You sure can! It’s common for businesses to purchase stock and add a mark up to the items we offer.

TIP: You can offer shirts on your website and when you receive an order have BLS fulfill the order. This way you don’t need to guess what will or will not sell.